Baraatis asked to show Aadhaar card to access food in UP

In a bizzare incident, ‘baraatis’ (people from the groom’s side) faced rude behaviour from the bride’s family after being welcomed at the the venue. Reportedly, they were asked to show their Aadhaar cards in order to get access for the food. Those who failed to produce their Aadhaar cards were turned away. Apparently, the host came up with the idea when they found that the number of guests were increasing beyond their calculations.

The wedding took place in Hasanpur town of UP’s Amroha district on September 21. A video of the incident went viral on the Internet where the guests could be seen sulking as they left the venue. Locals who attended the wedding said, “There was a large crowd and food started disappearing from the table within seconds. This left the wedding hosts worried.”

They further mentioned that initially the guests were offered snacks. But, their number kept increasing, and when it was time for the feast- the crowd was larger than expected. Following this, the bride’s parents spoke to the groom’s parents and suggested that only those with Aadhaar cards will get entry to the feast. The bride’s side heaved a sigh of relief when the groom’s parents agreed.

A guest named Mohammad Shahil, from the groom’s side, said that there were two weddings at the same venue, and it seemed like the ‘baraatis’ of the other wedding also tried to sneak into this food court. “It was natural for the bride’s family to get worried,” said the guest.

Take a look:

(Video Credit- Twitter/ IANS)

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