Baby’s birthday celebration goes wrong as fireworks misfire, watch viral video

Undoubtedly, parents do all possible things to make their children feel happy and blessed. They try to provide anything and everything the children are in need of. And when it comes to celebrate the children’s first birthday, the parents ensure to make it a memorable event. They, to their capacity, try to make their birthday a grand celebration. However, sometimes unexpected problems occur during such celebrations.

One such video which shows how an extravagant celebration of a baby’s first birthday took a dangerous turn is going viral on social media platforms. In the video, which was shared on an X handle named @BrahmaandKiMaa, the parents can be seen proudly walking with their baby during a lavish birthday party.

Unfortunately, the fireworks used during the celebration went wrong and hitting the baby’s mother, leaving her injured terrifying the baby along with others. Soon, the child’s father tries to help his wife, while an elderly woman came running and comforted the crying baby by taking it to her arms.

“Showoff, dangerous, immature & irresponsible parents in my books,” was the caption of the video which sparked reactions from social media users. “WTF is going on??? The child starts crying after getting burned!! What a shameless husband and father… putting his family in danger 😭😭🤬🤬.”  Yet another user added, “OMG! This is very irresponsible,” said one user.

“Ye party planners jo na karwa dein… par ye kaise chumtiya parents hain jo show off mein khud ke bache ko lifetime ke liye traumatized kar rahe hain 😔,” added another.
Watch the viral video:

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