Baby shark with human like face found: Watch

A baby shark with a human like face was recently found by a fisherman in Indonesia. The X factor in the appearance of the juvenile shark is most probably thanks to some kind of mutation.

As per reports, a fisherman named Abdullah Nuren was fishing near Rote Ndao in the East Nusa Tenggara province. when he found a dead juvenile shark. Interestingly, this shark was found to bear an X factor. It’s face was like that of a human baby face.

The shark has two huge circular eyes, and a gaping mouth, giving it the appearance of a cartoon character or human. However, its eyes are haunting.

After photo of the shark was published, many people went on to opine about the unusual look of the shark. While it is yet to be ascertained how come the tiny creature had such an unusual look, some people have tried to explain the reason in their way some of them are convincing.

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