Baby born with 3 legs in Uttar Pradesh

In an unusual development a woman delivered a baby in Uttar Pradesh that has three legs. The third leg of the new born has grown from his private part area.

People from far and wide are flocking to Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh to witness the wonder boy.

Some people have claimed birth of the unusual baby as a divine affair.

Priyanka Devi from Tiara village delivered the baby on September 29. While the delivery was normal, the attending nurse came out of the labour room and informed father and relatives of the new born that the baby has been born with three legs. The third leg has been connected to the genital of the baby and it has six fingers. However, the baby seems to be normal.

Bibekanand Ram, father of the new born baby is a poor man. He has urged people as well as Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for financial help for the treatment of the baby.

As per the doctor the physical deficiency of the child is known as Congenital Anomaly. Generally, when a pregnant woman comes in contact with a radiation or due to the side effect of a medicine, babies born with such abnormality, he said.

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