Australian traveller gives 5 stars to food served on Rajdhani Express; See pics

An Australian was impressed by the food served on the Rajdhani Express. He gives five stars to the Indian dishes.

The popularity for the Indian cuisine has grown across the world. A lot of people go to eateries for sample authentic Indian dishes. However, one Australian was impressed by the food served on the Rajdhani Express.

The picture shows an Australian travelling in a second class of a train. In the image it can be seen that the Aussie has ordered some Indian foods and at last, he seemed to like them very much and gave five stars for the amazing food that was served in the Rajdhani Express.

The image was shared by Salvatore Babones on his Twitter handle. The post was shared with a caption that reads, “This is 2nd Class food on India’s national railways? It tastes First Class to me! I’m very impressed, Minister @AshwiniVaishnaw. You should make Mr. Narendra Kumar your international brand ambassador. Five stars for the kitchen in the Rajdhani Express. — UPDATE: free ice cream!”

Take a moment to look at the pictures:

The pictures were an instant hit, since being shared online. The post has garnered more than 91k views and tons of comments. Highly impressed by the images, netizens flocked the comment section with their reactions.

One user wrote, “I have always liked the food on the Rajdhani Express between New Delhi-Mumbai sector. Great train with great service/facilities. Next time I am in India, I definitely wish to travel with #VandeBharat Express between New Delhi to Varanasi.” Another commented, “Thank you, Prof, for highlighting it.” A third comment read, “The good thing is perfect quantity. 2 chapatis, little rice, 2 dishes. Nothing to be wasted.”

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