ATM Fraud With Cloned Card, Tutorial On YouTube Provides Help!

Bhubaneswar: Cloning an ATM card and stealing away lots of cash, is that possible, can an ATM be cloned, can money be stolen using this cloned card! The answer to all the above questions is ‘yes’.

This shocking incident has taken place in Amroha district of UP. The police has arrested four youths in this connection. They had watched a video on how to clone an ATM on YouTube and been highly successful in their attempt.

These people had cloned 14 ATM cards and were regularly withdrawing money from these ATMs. ASP Ajay Pratap Singh said that the Kotwali police caught four accused in a car near the Punjab National Bank in Chaudhapur. The accused are Sanjeev Kumar Putra Roshan, resident of Rajthal, Mahendra Putra Jagdish, Amarjeet Putra Rajveer, Ramesh Kumar Putra Baleram of Nardoh police station area in Hisar district of Haryana State.

At around 12 o’clock every night, the clone would withdraw money through the ATM card, so that the message could not be seen by the victim and he could not block the card. They would choose ATMs away from outposts and police stations, crowded places.

For security purposes they would keep illegal weapons with them. Hire cars change the number of these cars while stealing the money.

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