Astonishing! Lioness rescues zookeeper as lion attacks him

Animals create a unique bond with their keepers, after sharing all those love and care for a long time. Such blissful scenarios can be seen quite commonly at zoos. In the light of it, a video of a lioness saving a zookeeper from a lion inside an enclosure is going viral on the Internet.

The footage caught on tape shows a young zookeeper making eye contact with a male lion. As the video plays further, the big cat is seen pouncing on the keeper. While the man tries his best to resist the animal’s strong attack, the second zookeeper inside the enclosure rushes to rescue him. He tries to push the canine away but fails as the later is stronger.

The very next moment, the lioness sitting nearby comes to the zookeeper’s rescue and successfully saves them from the aggressive beast.

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The lioness’ move distracted the lion and gave the zoo-caretakers enough time to run away. The video was shared on several social media platforms and attracted a lot of attention. Originally shared on reddit, the clip garnered more than 40,000 up-votes and tons of comments.

Users were quick to point out the man’s mistake of looking straight into the lion’s eyes. “Don’t stare wild animals in the eyes. It’s never not a threat,” a comment read.

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