Assam man modifies old Maruti Swift into a Lamborghini by watching YouTube videos

In an unusual feat that has left car lovers amazed, a 31-year-old man from Assam has modified his old Maruti Swift into a Lamborghini. He has been identified as Nurul Haque, a motor mechanic from the Bhanga area of Karimganj district.

Nurul spent over Rs 6 lakh to modify his old Swift to Lamborghini. He also spent nearly eight months to develop the new vehicle. He built the Lamborghini parts by watching YouTube videos.

“It took nearly eight months to develop it,” the 31-year-old said.

Soon after being shared on social media, the pictures of the vehicle went viral. The Lamborghini replica caught the Internet’s eye and social media users heaped praises on Nurul for his innovative skill.

“Amazing work,” read one comment, while another says, “Keep it up.”


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When questioned about his interest for the Lamborghini, Nurul says that he is a big fan of the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise and always wanted to drive a Lamborghini. When everyone is sitting idle and making TikTok videos during the lockdown, he decided to spend the time he had modifying his old Maruti Swift.

“For the past eight months, I have been engaged in my project. The total expenditure of my project is around ₹ 6.2 lakh,” he revealed.

“But I didn’t realise that it would be a costly affair,” he said. “From buying the engine and the raw material to giving it the final shape, the total expenditure was around ₹ 6,20,000. I am not sure if even developing such a replica is legal. I want to drive the car across the state and I hope the police won’t arrest me and seize my car.”

Now, Mr Haque plans to build a customised replica of a Ferrari next.


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