Archie Comics Predicts Online Classes Way Back In 1997, Check The Viral Post Here

New Delhi: The use of online classes in present day education system has become a common phenomenon. It is none other than the Covid-19 pandemic that kick-started this form of education widely across the world.

Earlier Online classes were mostly limited to higher education i.e. Colleges and Universities. As of now it seems that schools across the world have opted for this form of remote learning as it gives maximum safety against Covid-19 virus.

However, few decades back, very few persons would have thought about online education as a reality. Now, as online classes have become a new norm in education, a comic strip published by Archie Comics in 1997 has gone viral on Twitter.

The comic strip shows that a teenage girl ‘Betty Coopers’ sitting in front of her computer and is eagerly waiting for her classes to begin. The strip also shows that Betty’s parents talking to her about the futuristic form of education. Betty also cautions her parents about the beginning of a class and hints them to be quiet. The strip also shows a sign “Video monitor must remain uncovered at all times,” which is quite relatable these days.

The viral tweet has garnered 31,900 likes, 1488 retweets and 9700 comments. Netizens were quite amused by the post by Archie Comics and shared their reaction in the comments. Some user replied “Wow, that’s a little freaky…” while other commented “I always knew Betty Cooper was ahead of her time.”

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