Amazing! Video of Parrots playing volleyball goes viral: Watch

Although seems unbelievable, it is true. Check the following video where two groups of parrots are playing a volleyball match.

Interestingly, the two parrots in each side of the net are identical. I mean both the parrots of one side are green while the two parrots on the other side of the net are yellow. This is completely in the line of a basketball tournament played by humans. All the team members of one side wear identical jerseys.

A Twitter user named Madeyousmile shared the funny and cute video on his handle and wrote, “Sports are mainly cancelled… but some Birdyball will do!”

After the video got uploaded to Twitter, it managed to earn interesting comments from netizens.

A Twitter user Venkateswar Wunnava wrote, “Green parrots are making excellent blocks! Cool! They have got hang of the game!

Another Twitter user Fuzzy Dunlop wrote, “The greens definitely cheating.”

Tracy Johnson came up with an affectionate comment and wrote, “Omg wanna take them home!!so cute.”

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