After Metro rail, now Indigo passenger makes reels during flight, watch

New Delhi: After Metro rail, now Air passengers have started to make reels during flight. Recently a woman was seen making a dance reel during an Air journey.

Earlier, instances of reels making was coming often from Delhi Metro. Then it spread to other cities also where people were seen making dance reels in public places. However, now the obsession of social media users has reached the height of sky.

A woman was recently seen in a video dancing during an Air trip. Uploaded to social media the video has gone viral while internet was outraged.

A user going by the name salma.sheik.9216 uploaded the video where a woman in blue saree is seen dancing to the tune of a south Indian number. It seems it was shot during a flight when the Aeroplane was in the air.

This unusual behaviour by an air passenger outraged internet. Taking to the comment box an user wrote, “Passenger felt much embarrassed …moreover it’s not her private flight to do such nonsense….”

“Started in airoplane also”, commented another user.

“This video is SO CRINGE. Like don’t we all have a level of shyness to do stuff like this in public? Ugh. I don’t know whether I should appreciate that she is courageous or make fun of her reel choices”, commented another user.

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