After Jungkook, YouTuber makes BTS V sing in Hindi in viral video

South Korean boy band BTS’s fandom is gradually growing in India. Although their fans worldwide have unique editing skills, Indian ARMYs are on another level. In the light of it, a YouTuber, Anshuman Sharma, has also been granting the wishes of desi ARMY by sharing videos of the members singing in Hindi.

Earlier, Anshuman made a video of making BTS youngest member Jungkook sing in Hindi, and it went crazy viral on the Internet. In now viral video, the YouTuber has once again tried his best on treating the ears of ARMYs with another Hindi song, but this time it is sung by the most charming member of the band, Taehyung aka V.

The talented boy pierces together some snippets of audio from the member’s V-live videos where they occasionally come to talk to their fans and also sing karaoke songs. However, his editing skills gives us a rough idea of what they would sound if they sang in Hindi.

In the video, Anshuman can be seen playing the tune as portions from Taehyung’s V-live from 2020 were brilliantly put in the video.

The clip has gone viral with over 787k views and tons of comments. ARMYs couldn’t stop thanking Anshuman for making the track and wished if he could do an actual collab with BTS. Many also requested him to make such videos of other members too.

His video featuring Jungkook singing in Hindi has crossed more than 1.6 million views on Instagram, and is still being watched. Fans cannot get over the peppy beats and the angelic voice of their adorable kookie.

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