Adorable video of dogs waiting for school bus goes viral: Watch

A video showing a group of adorable fur babies waiting for school bus has enlighten the Internet with its overloaded cuteness.

Pet parents love dressing their pets in adorable attires and accessories, especially if the animal is a pooch. In the hustle life where all are busy making money, it is hard to spend enough time with these adorable creatures. Hence, to save their dogs from boredom, many knock on the doors of dog cafes and day cares. Recently, a video showing a group of adorable fur babies has enlighten the Internet with its overloaded cuteness.

The now viral video shows a group of adorable pet dogs waiting for their school bus in their house’s corridor. The clip begins with a bunch of dogs of different breeds sitting on a carpet. They are all seen ready, with their bags on their shoulders and the essential clothing. All of them also has a yellow bandana tied to their necks.

Take a look:

Shared by a user named Buitengebieden on Twitter on Saturday, the caption reads, “Waiting for the dog school bus.” The video has been credited to a user named victoriadw619.

So far, the video has garnered more than 2.7 million views and tons of comments. Netizens flocked to the comment section with their heartwarming remarks. One user wrote, “Amazing how they are all wearing yellow bandanas yet even if you hadn’t posted a pic I would have known exactly who you were talking about.” Another comment read, “Except there about to go to a place where they have fun and stimulation and probably are happy to be going there.”

Here’s how others reacted:

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