Adorable Dog does yoga with owner, Video goes viral

The internet is now full of adorable pets and their amazing actions are just delight to watch them. One such video is all over the internet and all the people are going gaga over the video.

Meet a therapy dog named Magnus who can be seen doing yoga with his owner in the video and his winning hearts of everyone.

Magnus as a social media personality has a huge following on TikTok as well as Instagram. The aforementioned video of him doing yoga has over 1 million views.

He can be seen following each one of his owner’s steps while they do yoga together.

In the viral video, Magnus is seen doing yoga with his hooman. He can be seen following every cue without a miss. From rolling out his mat to doing all the stretches, he is just too good with it.

“We include Magnus in EVERY aspect of our lives; including working out. We call this “Doga”. It’s amazing to see how Magnus can link together the different skills I have taught him to master completely new abilities (sic),” the video caption reads.



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