Accused charged for supplying pigeon meat to restaurant instead of chicken

The accused however, dismissed all allegations of pigeon meat being supplied to restaurants by him. None of the accused have been arrested yet.

In a recent incident, a man has been held for allegedly slaughtering pigeons and supplying their meat to restaurants. The incident happened in Mumbai where seven people have been held along with the main accused, in connection with the incident.

Haresh Gaglani, a retired army officer, aged 71, resides in Narotam Nivas cooperative housing society at King’s Circle. The retired army officer accused a man living in the same society, of killing pigeons and selling their meat for a long time. Gaglani said that the accused, Abhishek Sawant, had been rearing pigeons and their off-springs since March. Then he killed the birds when they were old enough and sold them to a hotel that is located just below the housing society. The hotel then served the pigeon meat supplied, to the customers as chicken. Gaglani also claims to have pictures and footage of the pigeon being kept caged at the terrace of the building.

All the eight accused live in the same society. They have been charged under IPC sections 428 for mischief involving the killing or maiming of animals and 447 for criminal trespass. However, none of them have been arrested yet.

On the other hand, the accused, Abhishek Sawant has dismissed all the above-mentioned allegations. The accused have rubbished all allegations saying that Gaglani has had a habit of complaining all the time. They said that Gaglani has been making false complaints and allegations against everyone in society. It was found that Gaglani has so far filed 34 complaints and lost 29 of them.


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