ABCD Dance Factory joins ‘Just Looking like a Wow’ Trend; Video takes internet by storm

The ABCD Dance Factory has captured the hearts of millions by embracing the ‘just looking like a wow’ trend.

The ABCD Dance Factory has captured the hearts of millions by embracing the ‘just looking like a wow’ trend, originally sparked by Jasmeen Kaur. The dance group’s rendition, set to a peppy song by Yashraj Mukhate, has become an online sensation, garnering over 25.7 million views since its October 30 release.

The dance video, shared on Instagram with the caption “Just looking like a wow,” showcases the group’s impeccable choreography and infectious energy. The dancers skilfully navigate through the upbeat soundtrack, seated at times and seamlessly moving together in a performance that exudes groovy spirits. Their precision, expressions, and overall vibe have left viewers entranced, with many expressing their admiration through comments.

Viewers flooded the comments section with praise for the ABCD Dance Factory’s performance. One viewer expressed regret, stating, “Missed an opportunity for doing this during my trip.” Another hailed it as the “cutest thing on the Internet today,” while a third exclaimed, “You guys just killed it.” A fourth viewer humorously mentioned, “Bhai maza aa gaya [Bro, it was fun]. I’ve been continuously watching it for the past 20 minutes.” The consensus among comments was encapsulated by a sixth viewer who simply stated, “It’s really looking like a wow.”

The ‘just looking like a wow’ trend originated with Jasmeen Kaur, the owner of a clothing store. Her video, where she creatively describes a yellow salwar suit using phrases like ‘just like a wow’ and ‘laddu peela colour,’ set off a chain reaction, inspiring not only dancers but also musicians and even the Railways Ministry to join in on the viral phenomenon.

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