A Spirit Box Session with Sushant Singh Rajput; He Speaks, Clearly and It Is Beautiful!

Ever since his mysterious death on June 14, 2020, Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput is in the limelight. While Mumbai police from its preliminary investigation said that the actor committed suicide, his uncounted followers and fans are yet to believe the fact that he took the extreme step.

While the matter is under sub-judice, his fans and followers through different ways and means, have been demanding for a CBI probe into the actor’s death.

Thousands of them even requested Steve Huff, the globally renowned paranormalist, to speak with the actor’s spirit to unfurl the mystery behind his death. Even they left no stone unturned to convince the other popular paranormal expert Steve huff to make a spirit box session with the late superstar.

Steve Huff runs the Huff Paranormal through which he speaks to the spirits of the deceased. In his ten years’ of vast paranormal experience, Steve has received abundant love from people across the globe and now has more than 1.08 M subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has also self-invented a lot of equipment to aide in his unusual work.

Steve conducted a spirit box session with the late actor following which he got answers for the questions on behalf of his innumerable fans and followers.

Here is what the question and answer season between the paranormalist and late Bollywood actor.

Steve: Looking for Sushant Singh Rajput. I was not familiar with your work. But you were well loved. You have lot of fans out there.

Question (Steve): Is there anything you like to say your fans? Now you have a voice, because it gives you a voice. I have been doing this for ten years. I have created this device and I welcome Sushant Singh Rajput to come through. If he wants and speak to his fans as clearly as and effectively possible, his family anyone he likes to speak with. So you have a message Sushant? If you freely come through.

Sushant Singh Rajput: That right now.

Question (Steve): Do you remember how you died?

Answer (Sushant): They will leave it all to the medic.

Question (Steve): Have you met to the light Sushant?

Answer (Sushant): I travel.

Question (Steve): Can you connect to Sushant please?

Answer (Sushant): I’m now ready to talk good here.

Steve (before questing Sushant): I believe in love. Love is the key. You have so many fans who love you. I’ve been getting non-stop emails and non-stop messages pleading with me try this, try this to reach you the other side. And it hurted me because I did not follow your work. So I have no connection to you but I have connection to spirits. And since you are that side now, I do have connection with you. My connection is love for all human, am connected that side.

Question (Steve): What you would like to say with the voice you have.

A voice: There is a light Huff

Question (Steve): You are in the light, is that you say? Are you in the light?

Answer (Sushant): Tell Steve I’s getting the light.

Question (Steve): Are in the light, are you with God?

Answer (Sushant): Huff their lights have gone low.

Question (Steve): Where are you on the other side?

Answer (Sushant): They been watching you. I’d really like to meet God.

Question (Steve): Lot of your fans want me to do this for you

Answer (Sushant): Do you know what I wanna say to them

Question (Steve): What you want to say them, you can say it to them now.  Alright! Much love to you. I pray for you

Answer (Sushant): His spirit will. Will rest in heaven.

Steve:  Thank you very much Sushant. Thank you for coming through

Sushant: We will now be ready to go.

Question (Steve): Sushant are you still with me?

Answer (Sushant): I’m walking in.

Question (Steve): Lot of people wanted to know about your death. Lot of people feel something different happened with your death. Sushant why did you take your own life? Did you take your own life.

Answer (Sushant): Since we are people.

Question (Steve): Okay. Lot of people don’t think that you took your own life. Can you tell us why you did that? Why did you take your own life?

Answer (Sushant): The change.

Question (Steve): Change? There are two spirits here. I see Sushant here he is actually sanding to my right but there is another gentleman sitting on the floor. Who is that gentleman?

Answer (Sushant): Father right there.

Question (Steve): Am I seeing that correctly?

Answer (Sushant): With my God.

Steve: He is sitting on the floor

Sushant: Picture them

Steve And he looks peaceful. And you’re over there. I feel that energy. Okay Sushant, you are here. I can feel, I can send you, I can see you. All that love that was sent your way, all these people mourning your death, celebrating your achievement of course but saddened by the tragic event. Really passionate fans you have Sushant that helps me that you projected love, love on this earth. That’s amazing. That’s how it supposed to be but I’m connecting with your spirit truly with your energy. Use your energy, use my energy. We can work together to come close to this. If your friend who is with you wants to help, if he is a guide of yours, come on through.

Sushant: We’re dead.

Steve: I know you are dead but you can still talk. See people watching this understand our soul never dies. It can change lot of lives and it has for many years. When we understand as living that our soul never dies it makes to live life differently.

Steve: My name is Steve Huff. I come as a friend, I come in peace, I come with love to you. Bring that love, energy I can feel it.

Steve: Alright Sushant, I feel your energy here in this room and I felt the energy last night and now it is familiar to me.

Question (Steve): Do you? You were in last night. You saw last night.

Answer (Sushant): I was in it.

Steve: Sushant Singh Rajput, much love to you my friend. Thank you. It is been a pleasure.

A woman’s Voice: It’s ending.

Steve: It’s ending. That was the woman voice saying it is ending.

Steve: It seems both time he had  guide with him.

By means this article, we are not promoting superstition or any superstitious beliefs. We just wanted to bring this article to our readers hub to get their doubts cleared on Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. We hope this article will be accepted by people who believe in the spirits, their existence and paranormal activities. You can share your valuable feedback regarding the Spirit Box Session in the comment section.

Here is the video. Listen for yourself to know what did Sushant say!! (Video Courtesy: Huff Paranormal)

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