95-year-old man gets married for the first time to his dream woman

Marriage is a celebration of love and exchange of respect in the society. Many find their love at a very young age and do not waste enough time to put a ring on it, whereas some wait till they believe is the right time to get married. In a similar turns of events, a 95-year-old has proved that age is just a number and marrying the right person is more important than finding the right age to wed.

According to a report in Wales Online, Julian Moyle met his wife, 84-year-old Valerie Williams, for the first time in a church around 23 years ago. However, he did not propose her until recently in February.

On May 19 this year, the couple got married in the very same church they met in, Calvary Baptists Church in Cardiff, UK. The ceremony was attended by around 40 friends and family.

In his statement Julian said that she’s so kind and giving. Before turning to his beloved wife, he further added, “I’m looking forward very much to your companionship.”

Reportedly, Valerie, while speaking about her emotions on their big day, said that she can’t believe that this happening. Julian on the other hand described it as “marvellous” and “like a new year.” The couple said that they are looking forward to “just being together”.

The couple informed to the local media that they will be celebrating their honeymoon later this year with a trip to Julian’s homeland, Australia.

On being asked, how he feels about finally getting marriage, the 95-year-old said that he cannot remember any other marriages. He further said, “It’s like Janus, who had a face on the front of his head and another one on the back of his head, so he could look into the future and into the past. It’s like a new year, isn’t it, in a way? So I’m looking very much to your companionship.”

Valerie however, described her husband as a “fine gentleman” while he called her nature as “Simpatico.”

As per the media, Julian was the first soloist in the Welsh National Opera between 1970 and 1982. He moved from Australia to the UK in the year 1954, and has settled there ever since. As a tribute to his career, an opera singer also performed during their wedding day.

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  1. Rajkapoor says

    Age is only figer.choose the right life partner.life strat after the age of 40.the right time of love is after 60years. No problem of any body . Be happy both partner.it is ture love

  2. Emily Aloo says

    I love this it’s so inspiring because am also hoping that one day I’ll get my true love

  3. Ruth Wilson says

    Inspiring, so I’m reminded that God is still preparing me.

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