6 boys book entire train; Watch what they do inside

If you have been ever been to any metro city, you might have seen or experienced that getting a seat in the metro train is a big task. People of all ages run, push each other and struggle to get a seat. Sometimes even they do not get a place to stand. It is the same in every metro city. However, in what can be considered as a matter of surprise, six youths booked a train for some time.

According to a video shared on the YouTube page of Crazy XYZ, one Amit and his friends visited Jaipur City and claimed that they booked the entire metro to roam around midnight.

In the 15:02-minute-long video, Amit is head saying that they had booked the train earlier. However, their turn came now only and the time they were allotted was 9.30 PM.

Amit spoke to the driver and also went to the driving compartment of the metro. Later, Amit and his associates entered the train where they enjoyed sitting on the floor. Apart from playing, they also had food inside the train.

After jurying some distance, the group halts the train for refreshment. They are seen accompanied by an officer.

The Crazy XYZ, with over 20 Million subscribers, creates and uploads videos related to science experiments, life hacks, amazing modifications, shared the video on February 20, 2022. Within one month, the video has 7,555,523 views till now.

Watch the video here:

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