55 foreigners offer prayer to Lord Jagannath at Puri seeking end to Russia-Ukraine war

Puri: In a rare show of devotion, as many as 55 foreign nationals on Saturday offered mass prayer to Lord Jagannath in Puri of Odisha seeking end of war between Russia and Ukraine. While the said war has completed more than one year, there is still no sign of the end to it. And hence, the foreign citizens prayed Lord Jagannath for restoration of peace in both the countries as well as in the world.

As the 55 foreigners who are devotees of Lord Jagannath were not allowed to enter inside the temple as per the rules they got assembled on the roof of an edifice near Sri Jagannath temple and prayed the Lord of the Universe to stop the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Senior servitor of Srimandira Gouri Shankar Singhari led these foreign nationals to organise this mass prayer event.

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