48,500-year-old zombie virus discovered from frozen lake

According to scientists, all the 13 'zombie' viruses found are infectious by nature and hence are dangerous to human health.

In a recent incident, French scientists discovered a 48,500-year-old zombie virus buried under a frozen lake in Russia.

Researchers examined ancient samples of ‘zombie virus’ found, that were collected from permafrost in the Siberian region of Russia. They revived 13 new pathogens samples and upon characterization,termed them as “zombie viruses.” It was found that the pathogen samples collected were infectious.

The team of researchers and scientists said that the potential revival of a virus that could infect animals or humans is much more problematic. They also warned that their work can be deduced to show the concern or the danger, is real.

As per the preliminary report received, global warming is giving out enormous overlays of permafrost from the permanently frozen ground that covers one-quarter of the Northern Hemisphere. This has caused the unsettling effect of releasing organic materials that has been frozen for up to a million years and possibly included deadly germs.

The oldest of the pathogens found has been named as ‘Pandoravirus Yedoma’, was found to be around 48,500 years old. On studying the life cultures of the ‘zombie viruses’ found, scientists claimed that all the pathogens are potential risks to a healthy human life. They believe that COVID-19-style pandemics will become more common in the future as melting permafrost releases long-dormant viruses like a microbial Captain America, a well known report mentioned.

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