30-foot python eats woman in Indonesia, husband finds her legs sticking out of its mouth

Indonesia: In a horrific incident, a man found his wife’s legs sticking out of the mouth of a 30-foot python in Indonesia. The victim, identified as Siriati was killed and eaten by the python.

According to local media reports, Siriati went missing from her house on the morning of July 2. The mother of five went out of her house in South Sulawesi to buy medicine for her sick child. However, she didn’t return home.

Following this, her family along with villagers launched a search operation. However, he husband, identified as Adiansya, found her eaten by the 30-foot python.

It is suspected that the giant snake attacked her as she walked alone through the trees. It reportedly crushed her to death and swallowed her. When the man found her, the victim’s legs were sticking out of the python’s mouth.

Adiansya killed the snake however it was too late to save the victim as she was already dead. This is the second such incident within a month.

Earlier, a woman who went missing was found dead inside a 16-foot Python after nearly three days in Indonesia. The woman was swallowed whole by the giant snake in Central Indonesia.

According to reports, the husband of the woman, identified as Farida discovered her inside the reticulated python, which measured around five meters. The incident has come to the fore from Kalempang village in South Sulawesi province.

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