2 women beat Zomato delivery boy, Watch viral video

In a recent video it has been seen that two women beat a Zomato delivery boy. The reason why the argument started is not known. Yet, the video has gone viral after being shared to social media.

As we can see the video, two women are arguing with a Zomato delivery boy. The boy is holding a packet of food while he has worn the Zomato dress code. Hence, it can be guessed that the boy had come to deliver the food parcel. However, why the women then beat him is not known. The delivery boy seems very innocent. He is not in a position to face the women and the two women are beating him. Seeing this a youth intervened and tried to rescue the delivery boy. However, the two women even tried to beat him also. And hence he was forced to slap the women to check them from beating the delivery boy.

The video was shared by Twitter user Arhant Shelby who captioned the video as: “Zomeato boy for delivery but this boy was late by some minutes so these women first of all argument with him and when the boy didn’t give the parcel free to them they started to beat him but then this brave boy come and fight with thse women for the delivery boy.”

The video has so far earned more than 6 thousand views after being uploaded to Twitter on May 11. And the post has also earned a number of comments.

Here are some of the best comments for the video that users wrote.

“Last 10 seconds were so so so satisfactory.”

“Looks scripted.”

“yeh jo maroon colour main bhia aaya vo bahot achha laga thoda our dena tha.”

“I don’t think that guy is from ZOMATO as being claimed; moreover the video seems to be a scripted one to get likes!”

“Ye jo ladka beech me aya use Mera Salam, Dil khush kr diya ladke ne.”

“Both got in return what they deserved…the instant karma taught them how it feels when someone hurts u physically 💯 out of 💯 to the guy for saving delivery guy.”

“Why are women so arrogant and filled with anger now a days when it comes to dealing with lower section of society ?? Especially all these high class society and upper middle class folks !!

Last slap with perfect.”

Watch the video here:

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