18 year old girl marries 55-year-old man in Pakistan, says Bobby Deol song brought them together

“Everything is fair in love and war,” and it seems like the couple from Pakistan has taken this phrase seriously. Despite an age difference of 37 years, the couple got hitched and proved that love transcends rigid barriers of age, gender, cast, etc.

18-year-old Muskan fell in love with 55-year-old Farooq Ahmed after connecting through their love for music. Later, the two got married, leaving their families and relatives shocked.

Notably, it was a hit song from Bobby Deol’s film ‘Badal’, which brought the two together.

The huge age gap between the two became the talk of the town, prompting Youtuber and influencer Syed Basit Ali to interview them.

As per the interview, Farooq and Muskan’s love story began when the man started living across the street from the teenager’s house.

Farooq, who is a music lover, was impressed by Muskan’s voice and gradually became obsessed with her singing, narrated the 55-year-old. He started visiting her home frequently and showered the teen with gifts.

As time passed, their love grew and it was Muskan who fell for Farooq first. Later, the man also realised his feelings for her and the two decided to tie the knot.

According to the interview, it was Muskan who took the initiative first by giving hints- she would often sing the song ‘Na Milo Humse Zyada, from Bobby Deol’s ‘Badal’ movie.

The two said that they had to bear taunts and objections from their relatives and friends. But their love for each other was so strong that they decided to avoid such criticism and get married with mutual consent.

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