17-Year-Old Girl Fights With Giant Bear To Save Pet Dogs; Watch Viral Video

You must have seen many times videos of a woman fighting dangerous animals for the sake of her children, but rarely you might have seen her doing this for her pet. But we found a similar video on social media. You can see in this video what happened after a young woman clashed with a bear to save her pet dogs.

In a TikTok video which has been shared by noted Traveler and Photographer Bria Celest on her Twitter handle, you can see a young woman, who is said to be only 17-year-old, fighting with a giant bear to save her pet dogs.

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“This is crazy af omg,” Bria Celest wrote while sharing the video, which is being widely circulated on social media and netizens are hailing the girl’s bravery.

Watch the video:

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