You Must Watch How Humpback Whale Emerges From Water & Nearly Swallows Kayakers

The women who went to work on Avila Beach in California would not have imagined that apart from the thrill, they are going to face an accident. A video is being shared on social media, in which two women aboard the boat are enjoying the weather. Then suddenly a Humpback Whale comes and attacks their feet. Anyone watching the video is surprised at the incident.

According to reports, Julie McSorley and Liz Cottrell were kayaking on Monday. During this time, she was also watching whales. However, they did not realize at all that one of these whales will suddenly come up and destroy the boat.

Julie says’ I thought oh no, it’s too close. Then she lifted the boat into the air and after some time she was in the water. His companion Liz says ‘the whale was really close to the face’. The special thing is that the lives of women are saved in this incident.

Video of the incident is being shared fiercely on social media. Everyone is surprised at this incident by watching the viral video.

Watch the viral video:

According to National Geographic, humpback whales are found in every sea in the world. These whales are recognized for their magical songs. Right now scientists are trying to know the message behind their voices.

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