Yet again! Police brutality in Odisha as constable tries to kill his neighbour

Balasore: A case of police brutality in Odisha has been seen yet again. Odisha police Constable Bijay Das committed the offence owing to a past enmity, said reports on Thursday.

As per reports, the incident took place at Palasia village that comes under Basta Police Station of Balasore district. A report has been lodged against Vijay Das for attempted murder of two of his neighbour with a knife.

It is reported that, he attacked the father and son Godabari Mahalick and Sasikant Mahalick critically injuring the duo. Both of them have been shifted to Balasore District Headquarter Hospital (DHH). Basta Police have detained the accused and have started their interrogation. However, It’s not the first time that the constable has been charged for being lawless, it’s seen that he already has past such criminal cases against him says report.

A brutal incident has taken place at Chandabali of Bhadrak district in Odisha, The police has shown its atrocity on a woman. The visuals of the incident is too brutal to be shown to the common mass. The scene was described to be a blood-curdling sight.

According to reports, three police officers ruthlessly assaulted a woman with a plastic pipe in front of Chandbali Police Station says report. They even took her by her hands and legs and smashed her to the ground on June 26, 2024. The visuals of the above inhuman offence is now getting viral.

The residents of the place have criticized this abusive behaviour of the police upon coming across the viral video. According to the information, the woman with her child was there at the police station to meet her husband. The kid was playing with a shoe cover while they were at the police station. While playing, the shoe cover fell in front of the police station to which the on-duty constable namely Ravi Shetty asked the woman to pick up.

The woman, on not doing so saying she was not his servant, was slapped by Constable Ravi. On protesting against the unjust slap, two more police officers joined Ravi Shetty to hit the woman knocking her to the ground.

As per the reports, an ASI and two Constables were the ones involved in the lawless act. Now, the question arises as to how far is it legal to beat up a woman in such a way in the presence of a female staff in the police station. As a result, People are demanding the SP to take immediate action regarding the same. The woman is said to be hailing from the NAC area of Chandabali. Further detailed reports awaited in this regard.

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