Will Student Elections In Odisha Be Held This Year?

Bhubaneswar: With the change in the Government of Odisha after a long gap of 24 years and three months, will the BJP government restart the system of student union elections in Odisha?

There are discussions this regard after the BJP Government came into power. Will there be student parliament elections in the state? Decisions will be taken in the interest of the students.

The demands of students for union elections are rising with each passing day. Therefore, the government will take a decision for their benefit, said Higher Education Minister Suryabanshi Suraj.

The student union elections in the state have been closed since 2018. Many student associations are demanding for elections. This time there is a new government, so there is a possibility of new decisions in this regard.

It is worth mentioning that last year the BJD Government had cancelled the students’ union elections across colleges and universities in the state. It was the sixth consecutive year when the students’ union election were not be conducted in Odisha.

The decision was taken in the larger interest of the students’ community in the state, said a notice of the Odisha Higher Education Department. In the larger interest of the students’ community, it had been decided by the State Government that Students’ Union Election shall not be conducted in State Universities and Degree Colleges coming under the administrative control of Higher Education Department, in 2023.

An alternative procedure for nominating students’ representatives to various bodies of Universities or Colleges, where students’ representation is required, had been prescribed subsequently, said reports. However it is worth mentioning that there has been a longstanding demand of the students for college union elections in Odisha.

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