Vegetable prices in Bhubaneswar soar, burn hole in pocket of common man

Bhubaneswar: The vegetable prices in Bhubaneswar is on the rise. The price of raw materials has skyrocketed. There is a problem of how the lower class and middle class families can run when no vegetable is below 50 rupees. From grocery stores to retail markets, prices are soaring everywhere.

In the vegetable market, potatoes are priced at Rs. 35 per kg and onions at Rs 40 per kg. Similarly ladies finger is priced at Rs. 50, pointy gourd (potal) is available from Rs. 40 to Rs. 70, monkey beans is being sold Rs. 50, tomato is priced at Rs. 75, ridge gourd (jahni) is Rs. 70, bitter gourd (kalara) is Rs. 80, capsicum is Rs.120 to Rs.200,drumsticks is Rs. 60 to Rs. 80, cabbage is Rs. 30 to Rs. 50, cauliflower is Rs. 60.

Similarly, pulses, oil, wheat national products and most of the products like milk are going up. Pulses range from Rs. 170 to Rs. 180 rupees per kg. Similarly, a liter of mustard oil is selling at Rs. 135 to 155 rupees, while a liter of sunflower oil is being sold at Rs. 112 rupees.

Ginger has touched Rs. 150 rupees per kg. The people whose income is below the income threshold and middle class families are affected due to rising cost of living. Due to the lack of cold storage facilities in the district to store the produced crops, the prices are increasing, the traders said. There is an immediate demand for cold storage in the district of Boudh.

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