Tiger scare in Nuapada of Odisha yet again, locals panic

Tiger scare has struck in Nuapada district of Odisha yet again. This time, it has reportedly killed a calf, said reliable reports.

Nuapada: After a few days of silence, tiger scare in Nuapada district of aodisha nas has been experienced yet again, said reliable report. This time, the tiger terror has occurred in Tariamhuabhata village under Nuapada forest range of Amanara forest beat.

A tiger has allegedly entered the cowshed of Govind Naik of the village and dragged a calf to death. Forest officials have reached the village of Tariamhuabhata and started investigating the incident. They have been alerting the villagers not to panic since sometime.

A tiger killed a buffalo of Ramshila Patiya of Jalmadora village. The tiger attacked the buffalo a nearby forest while it was grazing on March 29, 2023.

Tiger attacks in Nuapada has led to terror among villagers. The Forest Department on Saturday, that is March 25, 2023 had cautioned the locals using a PA system.

The Forest Department reached the village and recorded the footprints of the predator. The Department has cautioned that there are two tigers in the area.

According to reports, it has been alleged that a calf of Mohradihi village was killed and eaten by a tiger in Nuapada district of Odisha.

During the day, the predator lives in the protected forest adjacent to the Sunabeda Sanctuary. In the evening, the villagers have complained that the cows are being eaten by the tiger and the carcasses of the cattle are strewn in the forest floor area.

A scary incident had taken place in Nuapada district of Odisha on Sunday evening. An old woman was attacked by a tiger behind her house on March 20, 2023.

The incident took place in Jalamdei village under Komna police station under Sunabeda sanctuary of Nuapada district. The woman has been identified as Sanmati Barik, she is said to be around 65 years of age.

According to information, yesterday evening, while collecting firewood in the backyard of her house in Jalamdei village, a tiger came and pounced on her. As she did not return home until late at night, the family searched for him but could not find her.

The local people found the old woman’s dismembered body lying in the forest this morning. Half of the old woman’s body was seen eaten by a tiger. This could have been the work of a large tiger, said Sunabeda forest department ranger Shiva Prasad Khamari informed.

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