Thousands of fish found dead in Pipili of Odisha as river water gets polluted

Pipili: Thousands of fish were found dead on the banks of a river in Pipili block of Puri district in Odisha on Tuesday morning said reliable reports. The scene of thousands of dead fish floating has been reported from the Rajua river in Puri district of Odisha.

It is worth mentioning that, quintals of dead fish were lying on the banks of water body and a smelly environment, stench has been created as the fish have been floating dead. A large number of fish were found floating in Rajua river. It is not known why so many fish died. The reason is being probed by the authorities.

Fish are allegedly dying due to the poisoning of Rajua river flowing through Kanas block of Puri district. The drain water and garbage coming from Bhubaneswar and Cuttack flows directly into the Daya river through Gangua canal. As a result, the water of its tributaries such as Rajua, Malaguni, Makra are getting polluted and becoming toxic.

More than one and a half lakh people of 28 panchayats of Kanas block depend on these rivers, but the river water has now become poison. However, the local residents have expressed dissatisfaction due to foul smell due to the dead fish. People have contracted various diseases by using this water. There is a demand to solve the problem at the earliest.

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