Student missing in Tapanga since 4 days, robot engaged for rescue operation

Khorda: A search operation is being carried out by a robot in the case of a student missing in Tapanga since  past four days. It has been over four days yet there has been no trace of the youth. All efforts have been put to search for the boy. Now, a special robot of NIT Rourkela has been made part of the rescue operation as the rescue team was not successful even after carrying out the operation for four days straight.

According to the information, some students went to Tapang Bada Sauli Kalinga Mundia for recreation on Monday. While they were busy taking selfies, two of them slipped and fell into the deep water. The rest of the students then tried to rescue them but were only able to rescue one while the other boy got drowned in the water.

Later on being informed, a rescue operation was launched for the missing boy, which did not succeed. The fire brigade, ODRAF, Naval team and Scuba Divers were all involved but unfortunately they could not rescue the boy. A 45-member squad has been deployed for the rescue mission for four days but there is no sign of the missing boy. Owing to the drowning of tourists in this particular area, it has been declared as a restricted area earlier as per reports.

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