Special buses to run from all block headquarters to Puri for Rath Yatra

Puri/Bhubaneswar: As the famous car festival of Lord Jagannath is just round the corner, various arrangements are being made by the government to help devotees reach the holy city of Puri and catch a glimpse of the divine trinity.

For the occasion, OSRTC (Odisha State Road Transport Corporation) has decided to run special buses from all block headquarters to Puri for Rath Yatra 2024. The Rath Yatra in Puri is world famous and draws devotees from all over the globe. Once in a year the Lord and his siblings come out of the temple to meet their devotees across all castes, creeds and religious beliefs.

Further reports said that, electric buses will continue to run for a greener environment. Arrangements will be made to provide the present bus services in a proper and organized manner. According to reports, buses shall run to various places of pilgrimage in India like Ayodhya, Tirupati, Vrindavan, Varanasi and Mahakaleshwar.

In a meeting held on Monday, there was a discussion about providing bus services to all the unreachable places in the state. Buses will operate from Machkund to Bhubaneswar, Baliguda to Cuttack, Umerkot to Visakhapatna.

Further, the Pradhan Mantri Electric Bus Service has been started, people of Odisha will also get the facility of this service. According to the guidelines of the central government, the buses that are 15 years old will be sold as scrap.

More electric buses will be operated in future. Discussions were also held about Location Accessible Multi-modal Initiative’ (LAccMI) bus scheme said the Minister of Commerce and Transport Bibhuti Jena. It is worth mentioning here that the famous Rath Yatra 2024 of Lord Jagannath shall be held on July 7 this year.

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