Shocking! Odisha man branded with hot iron rod 500 times for treatment, dies

Keonjhar: Blind belief continues to exist in different rural areas of Odisha, where people mostly the tribals brand those who are suffering from different sicknesses with hot iron instead of taking them to the hospital for treatment. One such incident has now come to the fore from the Keonjhar district of the State.

One Vikas Dehuri of Kaisari village of the district was reportedly suffering from tuberculosis. A couple of days ago, he complain of severe stomachache following which his family members took him to a quack instead of taking him to the hospital for medication.

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Shockingly, the quack branded Vikas with a hot iron rod 500 times with an aim to cure him of his disease. Unfortunately, Vikas became critical and weak gradually and passed away at the age of 35.

Vikas is survived by his wife Draupadi Dehuri, and two minor sons. Now, they are worried about their survival as Vikas was the only member to earn a living for them.

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