Rs. 7 Lakh Worth Jewellery Robbed from Shop in Rourkela of Odisha

Rourkela: A shop was robbed at night. The robbers entered the shop by breaking the asbestos. The shop was swept clean by the robbers. More than 10 kgs of silver ornaments were stolen. The cost is estimated to be more than Rs. 7 lakhs. According to the reports, the robbery took place in a jewellery shop named Bholaram Jewellers in Rajgangapur town.

As per the information, the shop owner reportedly went home after shutting down the business for the day. Later at night, the robber entered the shop breaking the asbestos and taking away 7lakhs worth of silver jewellery.

They even tried to break the shelf containing gold jewellery failing which they took away the fake ones displayed in the showcase. The owner rushed to his shop this morning on receiving the news. He then informed the police regarding the same.

The police has started their investigation by checking the CCTV footage of the area. The robbers are yet to be located said reports.

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