Rs. 1.62 lakh fine collected in Puri of Odisha from autorickshaw drivers ahead of Rath Yatra

Puri: All the auto drivers have to follow the rules. The drivers that do not go by rules have to start doing so from now on. They would be fined upon violating the rules. Puri RTO, Police, and Traffic police conducted a joint raid yesterday upon disobedient auto drivers near the seashore area and various areas of Puri city. The raid was carried out under the instructions of Collector Shri Siddharth Shankar Swain and S.P Pinak Mishra.

If reports were to be believed, a check was run through hundreds of auto rickshaws from which 15 were seized and the unruly drivers were detained by the Police. It is worth mentioning that a sum of 2 lakhs and 24 thousand rupees was collected as fine from them in various police stations regarding various cases.

However, RTO has asked the drivers to strictly follow the rules and conduct on the occasion of the world-famous Puri Shri Jagannath’s Rath Yatra. According to the reports, the regulations imposed include updated licenses, following parking rules, not using mobile while driving, charging fixed fares, showing proper behavior towards passengers and tourists, etc. All the auto drivers were evidently taken by surprise given the unannounced raid conducted by Puri RTO with the help of Police and Traffic Police.

The RTO informed that there would be thorough checking even during Rath Yatra and a fine would be imposed if someone was found to be going against these regulations. The steps were taken in view of the safety of the tourists coming from all over the world and to serve the general public’s interest. The Transport Department, Police Department, and Traffic Police all have come together for better results says report.

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