Ratha Yatra: Pahandi Rituals of Holy Trinity begins

Puri: The spectacular procession or the Pahandi rituals of the Holy Trinity to their respective chariots have begun amid loud chants of ‘Jai Jagannath’, ghanta and noises of conchs.

The Pahandi began with the idol of Lord Sudarshan being escorted to Goddess Subhadra’s chariot. Later, Lord Balabhadra was carried by the servitors. The Pahandi of Devi Subhadra and Lord Jagannath also followed from the sanctum to their respective chariots in a grand procession.

The Pahandi Bije ritual began as per the scheduled time.

Know About the Pahandi Ritual 

The word Pahandi originates from the Sanskrit word Padamundanam,meaning in local dialect a slow step by step movement with spreading of feet. It is the special technique and method of carrying the idols from sanctum sanctorum to their respective chariots by the sebayatas.

The deities are taken out in Dhadi pahandi (one after the other) in the following order – Sudarshana, Balabhadra, Subhadra and lastly Lord Jagannath from the Ratna Singhasana in a ceremonial procession amidst the beat of cymbals and chanting by the devotees in frenzied ecstasy.

Then a wooden cross is fixed to their backs and thick silken ropes are tied round their heads and waists for this ceremonial procession; a ritual termed as Senapata lagi.

At the seven-stairs northern exit from the dancing hall, the three deities assemble and receive giant floral crowns, called Tahiya, richly decorated massive headgears offered by the Raghav Das Mutt.

Lord Sudarshana and Devi Subhadra are carried on the shoulders while Lord Balabhadra and Lord Jagannath are literally dragged through the Pata Agana, Anand Bazaar, inner Lion’s Gate, Baishi Pahacha, Lion’s Gate, Gumuti, Arunastambha and finally to their respective chariots in rhythmic movement amid the beat of cymbals and chanting by the devotees in frenzied ecstasy.

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