Rath Yatra rituals of 1971 to be followed this year, chariot pulling to begin at 5 PM; Check complete schedule

Puri: The rituals of Rath Yatra held in the year 1971 will be followed during this year’s world famous car festival of Lord Jagannath and his siblings. Decision to this effect was taken during the Srimandir Chhattisa Nijog meeting held today.

According Srimandir chief administrator Vir Vikram Yadav, the rituals and schedule of the upcoming Rath Yatra were finalised in the meeting and the same would be approved in the temple managing committee meeting tomorrow.

As decided in the meeting, the rituals of the Rath Yatra held in the year 1971 will be followed this year as the Rath Yatra falls on July 7 on the same day when the ‘Naba Jaubana Darshan’ and ‘Netrotsav’ of the deities are falling.

As per the decision, the Mangala Alati will be performed at 2 AM, Netro Bandapana at 4 AM, and the consecration of the chariots (‘Rath Pratistha’) will be done at 11 AM.

Likewise, the Pahandi Ritual will be done at 1.10 PM and the Cherapahanra ritual will be performed at 4 PM, following which the chariot pulling will begin from 5 PM.

rath yatra rituals

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