Post recovery of Lord Jagannath and siblings from fever, Rajaprasad Bije ritual today in Puri, watch

Puri: Post recovery of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra from fever, today the Rajaprasad Bije ritual will be performed. Rajaprasad Bije niti means the servitors of Srimandira will visit Sri Nahar (Rajaprasad), the palace of Gajapati Maharaj to inform him about recovery of Lord Jagannath and siblings.

Reportedly, today after the prathama bhoga mandapa will be offered the Daitapati servitors will visit the palace of Gajapati Maharaj in a procession.

It is to be noted that yesterday Lord Jagannath and siblings recovered from fever in the Anasara Ghara and then did ‘Chakabije’.

The Daitapati servitors will visit Sri Nahar along with the news of recovery of the deities in the Rajaprasad Bije niti today. The servitors will take with them Karala Chandana (sandalwood) and Anga bastra (clothes) placed on a pata bastra (royal clothe) wrapped silver disc.

There the Gajapati Maharaj will have the offering and then the Daitapati servitors will intimate the king about recovery of Lord Jagannath and siblings. They will also discuss with the king about upcoming Rath Yatra and secret rituals of the deities.

On the other hand, at the Rath yard on the grand road, the three chariots for the upcoming world famous car festival in Puri are almost ready. These three chariots are on making at the Ratha Khala these days.

The construction work of these chariots are in the last leg. The artists are giving final touch to the arts on the chariots. Till date, the prabha of the three chariots are ready and also the Duara Bedha works are complete. Also, in the natagodas of the three chariots the carving (Rupa khodei) by the Rupakara servitors are completed.

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