Poisonous cobra rescued from hospital premises in Odisha’s Boudh dist

The snake was later released at a lonely place into the nearby forest

Boudh: A poisonous cobra was rescued from the premises of a hospital in Boudh district of Odisha on Friday. The snake was later released in a lonely place.

As per reports, the patients and their relatives as well as the other people who were present in the hospital of Manamunda in this district got scared after a poisonous cobra snake was witnessed by some people in the hospital premises.

Panic gripped among the people present there after witnessing the snake. However, some people tried to drive out the snake to a safe place but in vain. Accordingly, the snake helpline unit of Manamunda was contacted for rescue of the reptile.

After getting information snake catcher Dhruba Mirdha of the Snake Helpline unit reached the place and caught the snake. He said that the snake was about four feet long while it was a wild and poisonous snake. It could have been fatal for the people if the cobra would have bitten any of them who were present there.

Mirdha caught the snake and put it inside a bag that was meant to shift the snake. Reportedly, later he released the cobra snake at a lonely place into the nearby jungle so that the reptile can live in its natural habitat.

Fortunately, no people got hurt in this case for the timely action by the people who were present there and the snake helpline member.

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