Pelting Of Stones On Running Trains Emerges As major Concern For ECoR

Bhubaneswar: Incidents of stone-pelting on running trains have emerged as a concern for East Coast Railway (ECoR) and passengers as well.

Railway officials said that 10 incidents of stone-pelting on moving trains were reported in 2018 while 18 such incidents have been reported till August this year. “Most of such cases were reported from Bhubaneswar with nine cases. We have arrested three persons for stone pelting in last 18 months,” said an official of ECoR.

Railway officials said that incidents of stone-pelting can result in severe injuries. “Many passengers have reported very severe injuries.  Many cases of glasses of AC coaches getting damaged have also been reported,” said the official.

RPF team led by Principal Chief Security Commissioner, Raja Ram has devised a counselling plan involving young children and youth in the identified areas. In the first phase, there will be extensive counselling and the children would be dissuaded from engaging in such activities.  

RPF is also distributing chocolates to the kids to sensitise them about the danger of stone-pelting on running Trains and that this could injure their own family members or relatives also who could be travelling by such trains.

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