Patients in Koraput hospital are scared more of rat menace than disease; Watch

Koraput: Patients at Saheed Laxman Nayak Medical College and Hospital in Koraput are scared more of rat menace than their diseases as hundreds of rat move across the hospital and attack the people including the patents.

According to reports, the rats enter the medical and move around freely and fearlessly. They even go from bed to bed in the wards in search of food. Be it day or night the situation is the same.

The patients and their attendance also alleged that apart from eating away their foods, the rats bite them, due to which they get grievous injuries and infected and need medication.

“It is because of the negligence of the hospital authorities all including the patients are having a horrific time here. The rats not just move around but bite the people leaving them injured. My wife sustained injuries due to rat bite. Even my child got infection and became so critical after getting bitten by the rat that he was put in the ICU for treatment,” said a relative of a patient.

“I request the state government to look into the matter and take steps to eradicate the rat menace so that the patients can get treatment properly,” he added.

While speaking to the Kalinga TV about the incident, Superintendent of Saheed Laxman Nayak Medical College and Hospital Sushant Kumar Sahu said that steps are being taken to control the rat menace.

“The rat menace is mostly because the hospital building is a very old one and it is situated in a forested area. Sometimes the rats enter the wards as the attendances of the patients are not covering their foods. Since the foods are kept open, the rats get smell and come to the wards,” the Superintendent said adding that as a temporary precaution, we have started to catch the rats using traps and even spread medicines or pesticides.

He further said, “We have introduced the visitors’ card to check the more number of the family members of the patients. With one card only one visitor will be allowed to enter the ward. This will help us to prevent people keeping their food carelessly.”

“We also have appraised the Collector about the matter. He has assured that the PWD department will take anti rodent measures periodically so that the rat menace can be controlled very soon,” Sahu assured.

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