PA of Odisha CM designate Mohan Charan Majhi dies ahead of his swearing in ceremony

Bhubaneswar: In a piece of sad news for the Odisha CM designate Mohan Charan Majhi his PA died a day before his swearing in ceremony, said reports on Wednesday. It was indeed a sad news for Keonjhar MLA Mohan Majhi, who is about to take oath as the Odisha Chief Minister.

According to reports, just before Majhi’s name was announced as Chief Minister of Odisha, he suffered a major loss in his personal life as his PA died in an accident. It has been reported that his Personal Assistant (PA) died all of a sudden.

The deceased PA has been identified as Chandan Mohapatra. The accident happened near Bhubaneswar Siripur Chaka. According to the information available, yesterday at 11:00 am, Chandan was riding a bike from Delta road towards Gopbandhu road when a car hit his bike from behind. Chandan was seriously injured in the accident.

The police rescued Chandan and another injured person and took them to Capital Hospital. However, the doctor declared Chandan dead upon arrival. On hearing the news, Mohan Majhi went to the hospital for Chandan’s last darshan and expressed his condolences to the bereaved family. Chandan was 31-years-old, said reports.

It is further worth mentioning that, the family has donated Chandan’s eyes after his death. However, such an untimely death of Chandan, who lived under Bharatpur Police limits in Aignia area and has cast a shadow of mourning.

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