Odisha: Tiger terror in Ganjam, locals seek forest department help

Bhanjanagar: Tiger terror in Ganjam of Odisha has been experienced, said reports on Tuesday. The locals of the area have been terrified since the news of the tiger roaming around went viral.

Tiger terror has been reported from Bhanjnagar area of  Ganjam district in Odisha. A tiger has entered a settlement near Ramakrishna city near the city. The sight of the tiger roaming around has been captured on the CCTV.

According to reports, the forest department staff reached the spot and found clear footprints of the tiger in the village. However, while there is no clarification from the Forest Department, samples of footprints have been collected. Cameras will be installed by the forest department for clear information about the presence of tigers. Earlier, it was clear that there are tigers in the Forest Division of Bhanjnagar. A few days later, the tiger terror has occurred again.

According to the information, on June 9there were reports of a tiger being seen in Khaira area of ​​Balalsore district. Further it is worth mentioning that, four people including a woman were seriously injured in the tiger attack. The injured woman, along with her son and husband, were working in the fields when the tiger attacked them. Later, the villagers got together and chased the tiger away. But later the tiger again attacked the injured the woman’s son and some people.

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