Odisha: Naga baba gang attested by Commissionerate police

Five of the naga baba gang have been arrested by the Commissionerate police today, said reliable reports on Monday. 

Bhubaneswar: Five of the naga baba gang have been arrested by the Commissionerate police today, said reliable reports on Monday.

According to reports, as many as three persons pretending to be Naga Babas entered a house for puja in Nandankanan area of Bhubaneswar and fled with gold ornaments on Sunday.

The disguised Naga Babas reportedly entered the house of one Rakesh Padhihary of Raghunathpur, on the outskirt of Bhubaneswar, and conducted some pujas. However, they allegedly looted gold ornaments to the tune of Rs 2 Lakh.

While narrating the incident before the media persons, Rakesh said, “I met the Naga Babas when I had gone to the Gundicha Temple for darshan of Lord Jagannath. They introduced themselves and asked me to arrange some food for them. Later, they visited my house.”

“Three of them came to my house at around 8 AM today. In order to win our hearts, they conducted some puja in the house. One of them placed a Rudraksha in the hands of my son, wife and me and asked to close the eye and walk to some distance. Surprisingly, the Rudraksha had tuned to a Shiva Linga by the time when we were asked to open our eyes,” Rakesh added.

He further said, “They demanded Rs 1 lakh from me saying that they would eradicate all the problems of our family. They assured us by saying that their prayers would help my son to get a job or do a business. Sometime after our discussion, one of them (the Naga Babas) went to the hand washing basin for spitting. He picked the gold chains of my son and wife which they had kept on the table, but we realized it only after they left the house.”

Meanwhile, Rakesh has filed a case against the Naga Babas, who are said to be the residents of Uttar Pradesh, at Nandankanan Police Station. Based on his complaint cops have started a search operation to trace the fake sadhus, who had reached the house in a Bolero vehicle which was bearing the registration number UP 96 A 0969.

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