Odisha: 2 tree lovers keep promise made 40 years ago: Watch

By: Himanshu Guru

In a rare incident, two tree lovers from Cuttack district of Odisha have set an example by keeping their promise that had been made 40 years ago. Then, the two men had promised each other to solemn marriage between their kids. And after long forty years they kept their promise and the marriage was solemnized.

Of course, this wedding was not between humans. The wedding was solemnized between two trees. It is regarded auspicious to solemn marriage between Banyan tree and Aswastha tree (sacred fig) in Odisha.  This was organised by the two friends. One of them became father of the Banyan tree while the other performed the rituals as the father of the Aswastha tree and the marriage was conducted amid Vedic hymns by the priest and in presence of guests.

The two friends are from Radhamadhavpur under Radhagovindpur block in Athagarh. Madhusudan Sahu and Sridhar Beura had planted two seedlings at the end of the village in the eighties. At the time of plantation they had promised each other to get the two trees to wed once they would grow as trees so that the two friends can turn ‘Samudi’ (Father in law of son or daughter).

Later, they took care of the plants as their children. Accordingly, after the plants grew as trees in the last few years they had tried to organise the marriage. However, recently only they managed to execute the tree marriage. In the meanwhile 40 years have passed. The marriage was solemnized with rituals of Vedic prescriptions. While the father of the bride was Madhusudan Sahu, the father of the bride groom was Sridhara Beura.

For devotees of Odisha, Aswastha tree is like Lord Vishnu, while the banyan tree is regarded as manifestation of Goddess Laxmi. After being invited, the family members as well as neighbours of the two friends joined this auspicious occasion. The marriage was held in adherence to Covid guidelines. All the rituals of marriage including Yagnya and Bandapana were performed. And the guests were pleased with a feast. It is believed that by solemnising such marriage, the organisers get huge virtues.

In this modern time, when gradually old practices are disappearing, this tree marriage in Radha Madhavpur of Athagarh was like a revitalisation of old customs. And it was appreciated well in the area.

With inputs from Biswajit Rout, Athagarh

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