Nesting Peaceful for Turtles in Odisha Due to Coronavirus Lock down

Kendrapada: The Coronavirus lock down has provided a peaceful nesting time for Olive Ridley turtles in Gahiramatha and Rushikulya beaches of Odisha.

As entire state is under total lock down due to coronavirus, there is no human disturbance for these land-visiting sea creatures.

The lockdown situation has not only restricted commoners from visiting the beaches but also stopped  wildlife smugglers from killing or trafficking these turtles.

The fishing boats and trawlers are also not permitted to go into the ocean in this period, hence the olive ridley turtles can lay eggs without any hindrance.

As of now the Olive ridley turtles have laid around 6 crore eggs on the beaches and it doesn’t seem that they will have any sort of hindrance during this year’s nesting phase.


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