Naveen urges restrictions on train, air travel to Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Wednesday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to continue restrictions on train and air travel to Odisha to fight the COVID-19 situation.

“June is the toughest month for Odisha because large number of migrants have returned and monsoon has also started. Hence Government of India should continue restrictions on train and air travel to Odisha,” said the Chief Minister during video-conference with the Prime Minister.

Modi held the second round of consultation with Chief Ministers of various states on the Covid-19 situation in the country on Wednesday.

Informing that still there are some people from Odisha stranded in Gulf countries, Patnaik said the Centre should take steps to bring them back as most of them are engaged in low paying jobs.

He also said national level entrance examinations should be conducted only after state level +2 examinations are completed.

The state government has decided to change its strategies to deal with the coronavirus situation.

As a part of the new strategy, Covid Care Home Facility will come up in every Gram Panchayat in which 10 to 20 persons shall be accommodated.

People with symptoms of cold, fever and cough shall stay in these care homes. Persons, detected positive after testing will be referred to COVID Hospitals. This will create the facility to accommodate around 70,000 persons in rural areas.


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