Nabarangpur devotees set out on 110 km journey to pour water on Lord Gupteshwar

Nabarangpur: Ahead of Maha Shivaratri a group of devotees from Nabaragnpur district of Odisha has set out in a trekking to pour holy water on the Shivalinga at the famous Gupteshwara Pitha of Koraput district. The distance they will cover within four to five days on foot is about 110 km.

The devotees are seen chanting the slogans Har Har Gange, Jay Shiva Shambhu and Gupteshwar Baba paar karega. They initially executed the ritual of ‘Sankalpa’ in shrines of Nabarangpur and then set out for the long journey. The route includes deep forests and hilly terrains. As per reports, they have made some wishes and believe that it will be fulfilled by the grace of Lord Gupteshwar.

Interestingly, this group has been pouring holy water on Lord Gupteshwar during Shivarathri for the last 36 years. For the last two years they had not visited Lord Gupteshwar temple due to Covid restrictions and thus were in deep sad. However, after the Covid restrictions were lifted up to some extent they have taken up this journey.

Some of these devotees have wishes to be fulfilled while some others have set out to offer a token of thanks to the Lord by this journey for the wishes that have been already attained. As per reports about 300 to 400 people have started journey for Lord Gupteshwar temple.

With inputs from Phalguni Patra, Nabarangpur

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