Mohan Majhi celebrates first ‘Raja Festival’ as Odisha CM, inaugurates motion sensor dinosaur

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi celebrated Raja festival and inaugurated a motion sensor dinosaur at the State Museum in Bhubaneswar today.

While attending his first government program after taking oath as the Chief Minister of Odisha, Mohan Majhi enjoyed the Raja Festival celebration by consuming the Raja pitha and witnessing a cultural program at the State Museum. He also inaugurated a motion sensor dinosaur and planted saplings.

Addressing the gathering, the CM expressed his great happiness for being a part of the ‘Raja Festival’ celebration. Apart from extending his wishes, he said that ‘Raja’ is the symbol of ‘Odia Asmita,’ tradition and culture and the festival is celebrated to keep the tradition of the State alive.

“Though the ‘Raja Festival’ is mainly celebrated with much pump and gaiety in Keonjhar and Mayurbhanj districts, but organizing such events in cities and urban areas shows that none will ever forget the tradition and culture of our State,” Majhi said while speaking exclusively to Kalinga TV.

“It makes me extremely happy to see that the Raja festival is celebrated in a grand manner at a time when the western culture is gradually influencing our rich Odia culture. However, our government will take all possible steps to keep the culture and tradition of the State alive. I miss my celebration in Keonjhar. As I am here in Bhubaneswar and have been given the charge of entire Odisha I cannot go but the grand celebration here is also no way less,” he added.

The ‘Raja Festival’ celebration at the State Museum in Bhubaneswar was organised by the Odia Language Literature & Culture Department of the State government.

Ekamra-Bhubaneswar MLA Babu Singh and commissioner-cum-secretary of the department Shalini Pandit were among other dignitaries who were part of the Raja celebration.

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